About Us


Infinity Test Prep & Consulting founders have been providing SAT and college prep services for many years. This test prep and consulting company was created with the primary goal to help youth achieve their dreams and reach their infinite potential. The first crucial step in this path to success is to master the SAT in order to gain entrance to their dream colleges. At Infinity Prep, we pride ourselves on the high standards of our unique materials, instruction, and the personal rapport between student and instructor. You will have positive confidence and peace of mind in the high quality of service and knowledge that the instructor instills in each student. Moreover, the current rates that we provide are some of the lowest in Southern California because we wish for each of our students to be able to afford our services and to realize his or her goals and dreams. The instructors at Infinity Prep are extremely passionate and devoted to help each student reach his or her infinite potential.

Our Approach

At Infinity Prep & Consulting, we firmly believe that educational success is measured by the efficiency of student learning and the development of positive self-confidence. This is why we focus on helping our students to identify and remove the negative, psychological barriers that may have hindered their learning potential.

Students will be able to:

  • unlock their creative potential to enhance understanding and to clarify common misconceptions.
  • make real world connections and practice critical thinking skills through inquiry and analysis of common mistakes and problems
  • recognize their strengths and weaknesses
  • replace fear and anxiety with positive test confidence in order to master the SAT and college admissions process

Our Objective

Our main goal is to actively and positively enhance the student’s mental aptitude and to promote an increase in the student’s self-confidence in Critical Reading, Writing, and Math sections of the SAT.

Prior to the start of our tutoring program, students will be assessed with a practice exam. From this, we identify the gaps between what each student knows and what he or she should know. A personalized curriculum is then created to address all the gaps that are identified for each student by our Harvard team. As a result, the student learns immensely and is able to solidify his or her knowledge. In addition, our students are taught by Harvard-educated instructors, who will ultimately boost the students’ test confidence and unlock their infinite potential to conquer the SAT!